Friday, June 03, 2011

Lunch at Jamie's

This week Jamie Oliver opened one of his Jamie's Italian Restaurants locally. My family and i were lucky enough to go to a preview day before it opened. Much to my sister's disappointment, Jamie wasn't there. Despite this, we did have a fabulous time! The food was sooo yummy! And our waiter was very knowledgeable. My family were nagging me to ask him to take a picture of us. i was moaning about the fact that no one ever understands how to use my camera and it was awkward trying to explain it. So when i asked him to take a photo of us i automatically started to give him instructions on how to use my slr. He interrupted me to say that he had a photography degree, embarrassed much?! Haha!

My favourites are the mocktails and the polenta chips.  

And i didn't try the Eton Mess, but i will be next time!! Check it out!

For those wondering, prices are reasonable. Maybe a little more pricey then chain restaurants, around £10-12 for most mains but more for something like a steak (ew!).  But the food is quality, and you can taste it. Although the portion sizes are quite small for the pasta, it is still very filling. We were seated at 1.30pm, i had 2 courses and i didn't want to eat anything for the rest of the day. The menu is quite different and i love the decor. So in my opinion it's worth it. Plus our waiter really did make us feel important and that's not something you get much these days. So, all in all i'd recommend Jamie's and i can't wait to go again! Lucky for me it's a mere 20 minute walk away. heee!


Keshet said...

Fun stuff!

Buzzard Girl said...

Looks lovely.....especially those chips!!!!

Mandy said...

Awesome! Looks yummy!

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