Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Ode to Adam (and a mini)

So i'm probs gonna be in mega trouble for posting this pics, but i think it's worth it for the comedy value!

This guy is one of my very best friends. He is the one who picks up the pieces when i've had my heart broken by other boys. Who builds me up when i've had disappointments. Who tells me i'm fabulous and gorgeous and truly means it. Who supports me in all my creative endeavours and pushes me to go for things that i believe to be out of my reach. And also puts up with the clickty click of my DSLR and even sometimes takes pictures for me on demand. He is the one i can guarantee will cheer me up when i'm in the darkest of moods. He makes me laugh from my belly and he brings out the funniest side in me too. He is the friend that i can rely on to compare everything that happens in our (separate) romantic lives to a Sex & the City episode (and honestly it's scary how similar they are to SATC). Who gladly goes on adventures with me. Who dances just as crazy as i do and doesn't care what other people think about it. Is the best shopping buddy because he knows my style and will pick out things that are perfect for me (also he's really tall and so can reach the top shelf).

This guy is better then Prosac, and i should know. Not sure what i'd do without him. Today is his birthday and i hope he has the most wonderful of days. Love you, sweet friend.

And because a blog post would be rather bare without pictures, i thought i'd share a mini i made recently with a JBS Dime Store kit, some vintage bits and some extra JBS goodies from my stash. It's of an adventure that Adam and i took in April of last year, as always. it was a fun one!

i need to make mini's more often, i love the satisfaction of finishing a project like this and holding it my hands!


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Lex, this is gorgeous! And what a great buddy – maybe I can meet him on our next crafty adventure (check your email :) ) xx

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!So glad you have a friend like him,he sounds pretty awesome!!Love the mini! Have a great weekend~

Keshet said...

What a sweet post, Alexa! Love the mini!

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