Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Freakin Out!!!!

i've been writing out job applications, sending out CV's and ringing up agencies ALL day long and it SUCKS!! But the reason i am FREAKING OUT is because i have so much damn stuff! I've been doing more unpacking tonight and i have so much scrapbooking stuff it's unreal. i dread to think how much i've spent on it. The most depressing thing is i'm probably not going to get to use much of it in the near future because i have so much to do and all i want to do is create so i can express how i'm feeling at the moment, cos that always makes me feel better. Plus i don't really have much space to scrap in. Mum has bought a glass dining table since i moved out last so there is no real space to scrap on. She has kindly said i can use a bit of space in the utility room, but there will be no room to spread. Looks like i will be attending lots of crops in the future...

Methinks i am going to have a nice bath and use up the scrummy Lush products that my work chums bought me as a leaving present last week. i needs to de-stress. i am tres looking forward to Big Bro tonight it's gonna be a goodun.


Abby said...

I absolutely LOVE Lush. I made my sister send me some stuff from Chicago. Utah isn't up to snuff enough to have a Lush store! Good luck with everything

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