Sunday, June 25, 2006

If only

This is a layout i did yesterday, yes i did find time to sit and scrap and no i haven't finished unpacking yet, that is a job for tomorrow. Papers and chipboard are from Scenic Route (i love that their paper is double sided) also finally managed to use my white Sharpie pen. That is me in the middle with {shock horror} straight hair! This picture was taken back in the day when i used to strut my stuff on the dance floor every weekend and frequently straightened my hair, now i actually quite like my curls, and it's too short to straighten anyway. A lot of life stuff has happened to us three since then.

I have been a bit of a lucky jammy dodger this week and have been offered my old job back. They told me to think about it over the weekend but i've pretty much made my mind up. Can't resist the travel opportunities. . .

My other big news it that i, yes me, have tickets to see Keane in October!! You have no idea how excited i am as i have loved them since day 1. So i can't wait!


Unknown said...

love that LO- your white sharpie looks great, mine is really wishy washy, very disappointing.

b said...

i love this! the colours so rock my world! :) good luck with the Freestyle challenge and thanks for playing!

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