Monday, September 25, 2006

Ali & Annie's challenges

Well as i mentioned in a previous post Annie has been posting Ali's challenges on her blog, and i finally managed to get a few more done this weekend. This was for challenge number 5 the 'off centre challenge'. My lubly new BG Gypsy papers {does ANYONE know why they were made to change the name to Romani?!} would have been perfect for this me thinks, but i dug out my old junkitz papers instead, and managed to use some doodlebug flowers in the process. i have accumulated quite a few of these all in orange, which i hardly ever scrap in (who does?!) from various kits. Haven't done colour blocking for a long time, i suppose it's a bit retro, but hey who cares?!?

So i managed to use some old papers and an old technique, dares ya to do the same.

By the way, my toes still feel pretty numb, i don't think that can be good.


Anonymous said...

Lots to love on your blog right now!! Your challenge layout is so bright and fabulous....lovely picture! The layout from your Everyone is Changing post is also just wonderful!!
Who doesn't love Las Ramblas??????
So fun reading and seeing it all!!

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