Sunday, September 24, 2006

Everybodys Changing and i don't know why...

This is something i did just for myself the other day, and i love it! I've scrapped loads this weekend: 3 single pages and 2 double pages! i can't remember the last time i did a double page, i'm talking eons. Usually i like the page that i've scrapped most recently, but this is still my favourite page at the moment and i scrapped it 7 pages ago. i love the stickers from 7gypsies, i got a sheet in my Scrap-room kit this month and i have nearly used the whole lot! The patterned paper is from Sassafrass Lass (from my homegrown kit) and i made the star out of heidi swapp tape. i used my trusty sharpie pen for the journalling. i don't think you can read the quote from the picture, but it's: 'i will do just what i do. Be just what i am, & dance whenever i want to.' A good philosophy to have i think.

Actually, i went out dancing last night. I wore some lovely silver shoes out, but now my toes feel really strange like a mixture of pins & needles and cramp, i think they might have been a wee bit too tight. This weekend has been wierd, i have bumped into loads of people that i haven't seen for years. It's ever wierder that all of them are settling down/buying houses/having babies etc and they are all the same age as me!! eek! Here's me floating around not sure where my life is going, planning to travel the world and then who knows what. All that serious stuff can wait till later (a LOT later) as far as i'm concerned.

On Thursday i went to see Little Miss Sunshine. This is such a good ensemble piece, go see it! I'm loving Justin Timberlake's new album, Lovestoned is my absolute my favourite song on it, go listen! Also finished Time Travellers Wife this week for the second time, it's such an amazing book, go read it! And they are making it into a film, can't wait!

On Saturday my kit arrived from Daisy Bucket Designs
and American Crafts were unable to deliver the flowers and the stickers in time, so they sent a full pack of ribbons and brads as way of an apology. The other stuff will be shipped when it arrives, how cool is that! i have been going a bit mad with buying kits latley, so have been scrapping like mad to ease the guilt a bit. Will upload some more this week.


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