Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy girl

Thursday i went to see Children of Men. This is such a good film, it's hard going but the message is important. It really worries me what this world might come to.

Friday i really felt creative & wanted to start my project for Shimelle's class but couldn't get my photos to print off!

Saturday i went to the Happy Scrappers crop & got lots done! i started & almost finished a wedding album which i am making for my cousin, who is getting married next month. i also got 2 other pages done & did a bit of shopping. This is the first crop i've been to since finishing my Scrapaholics classes & moving back to Portsmouth, it was fun to be among other scrappers, who get what i am so obsessed about. I also went to my cousins hen night last night & it was great to be with all my family, haven't done that in such a long time! Another bonus of living at home again.

Today i went & supported my friend in the Great South Run for The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust. It was raining & windy but we had fun & she got a great running time!! She will probably kill me for posting this picture of her, but i will take the risk anyway. It is really hard shooting pictures of people running! Well done Katty!! x x x


letsbefriends007 said...

wow great details of activities ... and your decision to support those charity projects were awesome , it shows you are really a good person .

Anonymous said...

Well Miss Gill, what fantastic photography that is...I mean who could possibly running in such an amazing manner! he he.....Great page - I suspected i might feature on it! lol

Keep up the good work.....

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