Thursday, October 26, 2006


I spent the day yesterday in Brighton trying to find a dress to wear to my cousins wedding next month, with no luck. However, i did have a bit of a spend in Lush so i was a happy bunny. Check out their new xmas stuff. i'm lovin the Christmas Carol Bath Ballistic cos it makes me all sparkily!

We went to see Keane last night, who were brilliant!! They were so good, but the evening had a dampner put on it during the encor when some of the stage started to fall down and the band had to end the show early!! They managed to play 18 songs out of 20, but they didn't do Crystal Ball which is one of my all time favourites! So i've got an excuse to go and see them again now. i borrowed this photo from their website here. They were supported by Captain who were very Kewle & who i think will proabably make it big next year. You've probably already heard their single Glorious this summer. i am liking their album cover artwork.

Work was tough today. Not as many people got made redundant as we originally thought, but it was still horrible. I've been offered a job in a different sector of the company, which i didn't even apply for! It's a similar role to the one have been doing, & i start on the 6th. i wasn't very happy about it when they first told me, but i am coming round to the idea. i've had so may changes to my life this year i was just hoping for a bit of continuity, but hopefully things will work out for the best.


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