Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Had a busy weekend full of fun & laughter (+ too much food & drink) with my friends Adam & Amy. Adam came down to visit me from Colchester on Friday & then we travelled up to Guildford to visit Amy who is at Surry University. She has such cool halls! i want to be a student! Amy has been travelling to Australia since i saw her last and whilst looking through her photos i enquired about a bear type thing that she had a pic of. Turns out it's a tazmanian devil!! i had never realised that these things actually existed & were real animals! i think i might be the only person in the world not to have realised this, and i'm still amazed by it. We had a yummy fry up on Sunday after boogying the night away Saturday. Have missed these guys so much! It was nice to be in the company of fun people, i needed it after last week at work...

In other news, i have signed up for Shimelle's new class 'you think you know me'. i am sooo looking forward to this as i have been wanting to do one of her online classes for ages, but i always seem to miss out. i think i am going to do a mini book.


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