Sunday, October 08, 2006

Have not blogged in ages, it's been a busy week. Portsmouth is full of freshers, they are everywhere! i was supposed to go out on the town last night but opted to stay in and watch X-Factor instead. i am loving the new Robin Hood on BBC1! Work is very stressful at the moment & i am not sleeping well so i just didn't have the energy to glam myself up. In response to my depression i have been eating lots of chocolate & spending money i don't have to make myself feel better. This week i bought The Desiging with Color Book (check out their blog). i love the DW series they are my all time favourite idea books, there are a few on my xmas list, but the ones i want seem to be in very short supply in the UK. grr. i am also desperate to get my hands on Elsies 52 Challenges book, i've asked for it for my birthday but that's a whole 6 weeks away! i also splashed out on some new BG Magnetic Buckles i think they are are way over priced but i wanted them for my album for Shim's class (still really excited about this). Yesterday i got wind of the uber cool Moo cards, so am busy uploading photos. So can't wait for these to arrive!


Anonymous said...

Well crumbs..I hope you are feeling better!!!
If you were my neighbor (or even lived on my street) I would lend you my 52 Challenges book!!

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