Monday, October 09, 2006


Because i need a little bit of pink in my life, i have been having the most fun making this. i haven't used products like these for eons, like how out of style is netting?! ha, so i decided to use it, and i have jazzed up my lace with a lick of paint. Texture has been absent from my layouts of late. Now, i haven't been brave enough to ever really sand my photos, maybe a light sanding here & there, but never really distressed a photo, so i had a go at that too & i like the effect. i pulled out a load of embellishments, including a super cute chipboard piece from Urban Lily which is brand new & i took ages sanding it & whitewashing it to get it the right colour pink & then i went & stamped the butterfly & embossed it with glitter powder & it threw the whole layout off, so this is staying as it is & my chipboard piece will have to be saved for another time.

i have been getting much inspiration from my Designing with Colour Book. Usually i take the inspiration for the colour of my layout from the photo, but this book has taught me that it is ok not do that. So that's what i did with this page, i made it pink, because thats the colour that i associate with my sister.

i feel a lot of pressure to have the latest scrapbooking products, mostly because stuff can be so hard to get in the UK, i know if i don't get it NOW i might not ever see it again. & then i feel guilty for not using it straight away. i love the fact that i made this without using any trendy materials (ok except for the BG Gypsey paper) & i still really like it.

i am feeling much better after creating for a while, although i did manage to get a way from work early today & all hell might have broken loose while i was gone, so we shall see what tomorrow brings!


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