Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spent the weekend in Salcott which is so in the middle of nowhere that i could't get signal on my mobile! i was visiting Adam who is one of the few things i miss about living in Colchester. We had a Prison Break fest. If you enjoy watching the likes of Lost & 24, like me, then you'll love it. Seriously the best program of the year. We also had a night out in Colchester on Saturday for Ollie's birthday. It was fun to catch up with everyone & have a boogie but we had to wait an hour to get a taxi home & it was freezing!! It seems as though when November 1st hit, the temperature dropped.

i haven't been to any fireworks parties this year, which is a bit disappointing. My poor cat Crackers is scared of all the noise and is snuggled up beneath a radiator :(


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