Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i can't believe that Christmas day was only the day before last, it feels like ages ago and i'm back to work already! This Christmas was all about Gerberas, Lindt chocolate, handmade crackers & mum's very special crockery which only comes out for christmas & when the Queen visits.
i got lots of lovely things including a gorgeous green velvet bag (it's all about green at the moment) two Orlando Bloom glasses, bought by two different people who know me too well without each other's knowledge, and this humongous box of Resses Cups, which i am so happy about because they are hard to find around here.
Yesterday i hit the sales. Now i don't really think that shops should be open on Boxing Day, infact i think the country should just shut down for a whole entire week over xmas so we can all just be, but as i said i'm back to work, so i was forced to shop on Boxing Day. And i think that i should get bargain hunter of the year award! i got the new Kasabian album for a mere £5.95, it was on my xmas list & i didn't get it so i couldn't resist. i also got The Editors album for £3.95, not only a bargain, but a great listen. i also got a pink bag for a special party that is coming uo half price in Accessorize, some retro tops for £3 and some half price bits in boots among other things.

i've been trying to find some new mucic to listen to and so far have found The Hours & The Klaxons. i predict big things for them in 2007. You heard it here first.

i hope you had a good christmas.


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