Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Years Scrapoloutions

One of the reasons that i scrap (& blog) is because i'm worried that life is slipping through my fingers, that i'll forget all the details, what i was thinking at certain times, what my tastes/favourite things were at different times in my life and that my memories & scrapbooks will be full of just the main events. So i've made a New Years 'Scrapoloution' to scrap more. At the moment i'm trying to observe stuff more & write it down so that when i do find the time to scrap, the ideas will already be there. i've also decided to scraplift more, and that's ok. i did this layout from a sketch by Kim Sonksen on the Pencil Lines blog. Going to try a few more of these, i enjoyed the process.
i've signed up for Stacy Julian's online Library of Memories class, which i'm hoping will help (so excited about this!). Found her Big Picture book so liberating.
Today i was reading Ali's Studio A article in this February's CK and what she said totally struck a chord:
'Adopt a philosophy of “good enough.” For me, this means keeping the focus on the story. “Good enough” means you’ve told your story to your own personal satisfaction. Maybe the design isn’t exactly what you first envisioned. Maybe your handwriting isn’t perfect. “Good enough” is about adopting the perspective that, years from now, people will care most about the photos and the words. The rest is window dressing. '

i spend way too long agonising over layouts, trying to get them just right until i'm super happy with them, but i want to record more memories. So i am going to scraplift more, keep it simple & adopt Ali's "good enough" philosophy. This is the way forward.


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