Sunday, January 14, 2007

i managed to get this done yesterday along with another page & two and a bit pages of my Heidi Swapp 'all about me' album. And before you say anything, i know that 24 is not 'old' but i still feel like i'm just not ready to be 24 yet (even though i am) m'kay! Full photo credit goes to Miss Magee. i downloaded the font from Twopeas, it's very originally called 2peas scrapbook and is fast becoming my favourite font ever. This is my first page of the year.

Now i'm sure you've already heard of Mika, but if you haven't then go check him out, because he will be everywhere in 2007. His sound is a bit like scissor sisters & even if you're not interested in him i still suggest you check out his website because it is very awesome.

Shimelle is very generously running a free class next weekend, if you've never tried an on-line class then now is your perfect opportunity! i am definately, definately going to finish this one in a weekend, because my 'you think you know me' album is yet to be completed...


panjunan said...
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Anonymous said...

So glad that you have updated...Been missing the blogs too xxx

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