Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy {Chinese} New Year!

Managed to get a page done. hip hooray & yah yah yay! Don't feel like sharing the whole thing, but wanted to show these funky felt letters that i cut out with my own bare hands. So proud of me! So today is Chinese new year. Last year we went to China Town in London which was fun & beautiful, this year we just styaed in & ate chinese food. And Mum made pancakes for pudding even though it's two days early. Love pancakes.

So yesterday was my photography course with Experience Seminars. The instructor was very knowledgable & i certainly learnt a few things about my camera, but i think i should have done a more hands on course. i'm still confused because there's just so many elements to think about when photographing & i'm not confident about what settings i should be using in which lighting situations. Guess i will have to get out & experiment. There was so much info to take in yesterday, i think i will let it sink in for a few days & then go over stuff again. We got given a huge handout & a disc with the presentation on which is brill.

Have some fun stuff planned for the end of the week & a much needed break from work.


Anonymous said...

Went to a brilliant chinese new year fun!
love to see what you got up to at your photography course!

Anonymous said...

Ooh love those felt letters!

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