Saturday, February 17, 2007

i have been so busy of late that i didn't even realise that the Look blog was up and running! So excited about that, i have been waiting for it for ages! Feeling so very overwhelmed by everything at the moment, i have little time & no energy to be doing the stuff that i want to do. Or even to tidy my room, which is a tiparama. Ha, who am i kidding it's always like that! i am so behind on creative projects, i haven't even done any stuff from the Product Playground class and we're on lesson 3! My brain is on information overload and i'm trying to research too much about too many things, i think i need to take a step back and let my brain pause for a moment. Oh and i have a cold which does not help matters. So, i'm off for a beloved Lush bath (did you see they have some new products out!!!) & i will hopefully be back with something of a creative nature tomorrow.


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