Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is me on Bournemouth beach on Saturday. Can you believe there were loads of people surfing!!! It was freezing = they are crazee. Went to see James Morrison on Monday. i guess after seeing my all time favourites Keane last week, he was a bit of a disappointment. He was good but he didn't work the crowd & there wasn't much of an atmosphere. But the support act was fun. Newton Faulkner (or Newt n frog as i like to call him, tee hee!) played acoustic guitar, sung a song about UFO's, a song in which he compared god to a sausage roll & the spongebob squarepants theme tune. He has huge talent & a great sense of humour.

And all else that's been going on is that i got my hair trimmed yesterday & i'm having a huge Shoe Dilema and am considering having a foot transplant. My sister is having a 21st Birthday party on Saturday and we are required to wear posh frocks. Being the kind of gal who lives in flip flops for as much of the year as she can, i don't really own appropriate footwear for such an occasion. So i've been on the hunt for some shoes for the last 2 months, and have found none that i like that actually fit. My feet you see are very short and very wide (one is actually wider that the other) and to make things more difficult i have a very high in-step. So i spent Friday and Saturday trying on every pair of black heeled shoes that i could find in Bournemouth and ended up panick buying an incredibly high, but beautiful and expensive pair. i then tried them on yesterday and i couldn't walk in them! So i'm still without a pair, and i only have a small window on saturday to find some. eek!

i've been feeling very scrappy of late, but alas i have no time to make fun stuff for me. i've been asked to do a few projects for people so will busy doing that tonight whilst watching Grand Designs & Desperate Housewives.

ta ra for now.


Anonymous said...

That's my Wednesday night telly too - along with Dragon's Den. lol

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