Friday, March 02, 2007

You will be pleased to know that my shoe dilema is over! i went to tesco this lunchtime & whilst i was there i thought i'd check out the shoes, 'just incase'. Well not only did i find a pair that were just what i was looking for but they also fit. AND they were reduced from £20 to £15. BUT (and this is the best bit) when i got to the checkout & they were put through they only came up as £5!!! So naturally i paid for them and ran. LOVE it when stuff like that happens. i reckon it's karma getting back at them for all the bad petrol they allegedly sold people.

Managed to get two LO's done last night. The shade of green featured on this layout is my favourite colour at the moment. i really like the LO, it's one of those ones that just came together and everything just works (in my opinion).
i have been sorting & reorganising my supplies & rediscovering stuff, i have some new storage baskets and they make me happy. i find it so inspiring going through my stash. Anywho, this weekend is going to be a BIG one. So much fun planned for tomorrow. Gotta get some sleeps.


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