Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Somthing i made last night at the crop. It's a scraplift from a LO done by Sarah Klemish on pg 98 of Feb/March issue of Scrapbook etc. Love that mag so much i could eat it, well maybe just lick it, i still want to be able to look at all the prettyness inside.
Used a bonus kit i bought from Scrap-Room eons ago & added some American Crafts stickers for the title which i got in this months Scrap-Room kit. Desperatly trying to use some of my kits at the moment, but i'm not very good at using just what comes in the kit. i like to faff about and mix up my products so it takes me ages to use em up. But they are rather handy when preparing for a crop.
i love to shop with these two i do. We know each others tastes & we all love lush. i took these pics in Bournemouth last month & i could tell they were embarassed by me snapping away in the middle of the high street. But was i bovvered? Certainly not. Some sacrifices have to be made for art m'dears. Besides, if anyone had approached me i would have pretended to be a tourist. You can get away with a lot by pretending to be foreign you know.
i am much liking the lighter evenings, but loosing that hour at the weekend completly threw me. i've struggled to get to sleep before 1am since the clocks changed. Although to be fair, i don't usually sleep till 12 anyway, too much stuff going on in my head. But loosing that hour has definately knackered me out.
Today i bought some Choco Leibniz at lunch time, the dark chocolate variety. They are my favourite biscuits EVER. And i left them in the car. So they melted. This is a good thing, a sure sign that summer is on the way.
A lady has left a comment on my previous post, if anyone can translate, i would grately appreciate it!


Anam_Kihaku said...

i used babel fish for you -
ellea said"You have had indeed one beautifulst idea!!! And your interpretation appeals to to a lot... your handwriting to me is splendid!!! Beautifulst layout!"

ps. i love your work too :)

Anam_Kihaku said...

ps. i used to live in petersfield :) so know that lush shop well!!

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