Sunday, April 01, 2007

Highlights of the weekend

Going to the cinema with Jen & learning that they weren't showing the film we wanted to see so catching up in the pub instead.

Getting the bonnet of my baby blue fixed for free.

Going to Cath's 50th party & discovering on arrival that it was a free bar.

Enjoying free bar, giggling & getting up to general sillyness with Michaela.

Spending time with friends i don't get to see often enough.

Being given a huge bag of dolly mixtures to take home at end of night.

Visiting Nan & Grandad & laughing our heads off when learning of Nan's decison to buy Grandad a beanie hat because she thought it would look better on him than his flat cap.

Chasing an ice cream van round the block with Nan & Michaela this afternoon.

And speaking of highlights, here's a a LO i did at the crop on Monday. It's sketch 18 from Pencil Lines. They've got a new sketch up tonight, so go have a look. The little pictures i used are from Moo.


Anonymous said...

Bellissimo Layout!!! Complimenti!!! E poi... Barcellona รจ stupenda! :)

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