Thursday, May 17, 2007

i've been taking more self-portraits and this was the best of the lot. Me. Biting my lip. i guess i'm just not in the mood for being photographed. i am starting to worry that i will get wrinkles early because of all the frowning i'm doing lately. It is quite typical of me to have sunglasses on my head, so at least i managed to capture that. My bestest most favouritest ever necklace broke the other week and i am totally gutted that i didn't snap it and scrap it. Life is about the little things as well you know! It is a shell necklace, so totally unfixable & i bought it in Greece, so not sure if i will find anything like it again, but will always have my beady eye out for a replica. i want it back! :(
Lloyd is in Benidorm on my cousin's stage do (yes! i have another cousin getting married). Next week we are visiting France for the day. Brad couldn't get a visa in time, but tonight we took him to Cafe Rouge. i had 3 courses, which i never ever do except for xmas day when mum does prawn cocktail. And i ate really French food. Fried Camembert to start, followed by Croque Monsieur with Chocolat Crepe for desert and a Chocolat Chaud to finish. Not sure how i fit all that in my belly, i suppose i've was making up for all the skipped meals recently. Not had time to eat properly or not felt like it, which is so unlike me. That's the way it goes lately.


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