Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Self-portrait Tuesday

Elsie is running a challenge on her blog to take a self-portrait for the chance to win some of her new goodies (which will hit the UK soon, i hope, been desperate to get my hands on some of it for months now). So i thought i'd join in as i've not posted a recent picture of me for a while, and most of you aren't getting to see me in real life very often lately, and my cyber buddies never ever. i thought that i'd pull a silly pout or something. But i ended up using my self timer for pretty much the first time ever and shooting this, because it sums me up at the moment.


i need you, i miss you, i long for you... Seriously not getting enough of it right now. Think about it all the time. i have sleep issues, which i won't go into on here, but i thought working two jobs would at least help me fall to sleep easier. It doesn't. It takes me a while to unwind when i get in so it's usually 1 before i can even attempt to try and sleep. Getting about 6-7 hours some nights, but i need a lot more than that, so i spend all day wanting to sleep. Yesterday i actually went for a snooze in my lunch break. Not good. Then at the weekends i over compensate for it and get too much, which makes it even harded to get to sleep. Going round in circles.

The hardest part of my day Mon - Fri is dragging myself out of bed, not just because i'm tired but because work (main job) really sucks. Really, really. The most ever. Been so close to resigning several times over the last couple of weeks. The stress has actually started to affect my health, which i know it shouldn't. It's just a job, blahdy blah blah, but when i'm there, i'm under such pressure, all my sensible reasoning goes out of the window. Only things keeping me going are the thought of the happy times ahead, what i'm working towards and that i won't be there for too much longer.

i've got stuff dotted around places to keep me motivated, like this pile of books and my magazine scraps that i've got stuck up on my desk at work. To remind me that it will all be worth it one day.

The scanner is working. So here's something i did at the weekend. A happy picture. Did this for one of Ali's Azine challenge's to use up stash that has been hoarded away. i've been holding onto my word cards for ages, and those epoxy stickers.

Also did something else, but now blogger is playing up, so will share another day. Hopefully it'll be a happier day. Sorry for the moany post, but like i say, i'm tired. With me, tired = grouchy.


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