Monday, June 25, 2007


i'm back and life is still busy busy busy! Anyways, Turkey was ab fab, a bit too chilled for my liking, there wasn't too much to do and i can only stand so much sitting round the pool, i was so relaxed i kept falling asleep! So not the point of going abroad! i like to do stuff and see things, i did get to do a little bit of exploring and speak to some of the locals, but not as much as i would have liked. Relaxing is just not for me, i need to be busy! It was unbearably hot, 40 degrees on Saturday. i am very aware of skin damage so had the factor 30 on and sat in the shade the whole week, i have got some colour though and my freckles are out in force! The hotel was gorgeous, very traditional and the room was huge! The landscape in Turkey is very similar to Greece, i was stuck by the many similarities between the countries and it was making me want to live back there. Miss it, miss it, miss it. i didn't take my mobile, avoided the internet and all forms of media for the entire week, after a few days i was missing it, i also missed my music soooo much and have been longing for my Black Holes and Revalations Album. Got back into reading, i only ever have the time to read a chapter here and there usually, need to make a concious effort to get more done in the future. Went on a few trips including the ruins at Knidos and bartering at Datca market, met a few new people and there were also a few that i'd done my season with too, so it was great to catch up with them. Got to watch some films on the flight (i missed my films) and i've decided that clouds don't exist, it's just big balls of cotton wool up there in the sky!

We had a big family dinner yesterday, it's my Nan's 75th Birthday today! And then went to see Fantastic 4 with Nic. Been busy all day and not unpacked yet...
More Pictures to come tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

we are so very alike!!!! when I go on holiday, I have to "do stuff" I so CAN NOT just lay in the sand and "relax"......Turkey is on my (very long) list!!!
Glad you had a nice time though!

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