Sunday, June 03, 2007

One little word

Mrs E asked her blog readers back in January to come up with a word that sums up what we wanted for ourselves in 2007. i will talk more about the word that i chose another day but in the meantime, i wanted to share this. It's for the One Little Word Challenge this week, you should have been able to guess from the title that it's a blog which sets challenges based on one word. i haven't had the vibe for scrapping recently or the time, but this week i got some Photobox love and this challenge made me want to scrap (still strapped for time though, hence the lack of product used on the LO). Journalling reads: Stop beating yourself up about your appearance (having some serious body image issues at the mo).
Had a crazy week this week, working, going out with the crew from work, getting my hair cut, practicing erecting tents in preparation for the festival (the funniest half hour of the week), watching Pirates (disappointed with the film, way confusing, but Orlando was so Hot) taking walks round the castle (i lost my lens cap there, very annoyed), Brad went home Thursday, i can't even remember what i did on Tuesday and next week looks set to be even busier.

i have an ouchy bruise on the inside of my right arm above my elbow. i had no need to tell you that, but did anyway.

High Five to all the girls that did the Race for Life today. Sorry i couldn't be there to cheer you on, but yay for you!


Lynn said...

Great layout! Thanks for playing along!

one litle word

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fab page.

michelle said...

cool page

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