Monday, July 16, 2007

Army Party

Travelled up to Willsden Green for Adam's birthday on Saturday, he has recently moved in with Amy & Sarah along with Sarah's boyfriend and a few other random's, who i won't go into! So they had a Army themed party to celebrate. Crazy rub-on tatoos, combat make-up, camo birthday cake, fake guns and dog tags. The party started at 1 in the afternoon but i needed a power nap after working till one in the morning and then travelling up by train & tube so by the time i was up and about the party was in full swing. Lou came down from Colchester and so did Andrew! We all used to work together. So cool to be with everyone again. Really can not explain how much i loved hanging out with these people this weekend.

i have quite strong views about war, so wasn't too happy about the theme, but it was a requirement and it was surprisingly easy to find stuff to wear and everyone made a really good effort. i wore a headband, rambo stylee which ended up making me look like a bit of a hippy, which i was fine with as it enforced my beliefs in peace!

Finished Harry No 6 this morning! So hyped about the book release on Friday!


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