Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crazy Wizard Music

Had to share this after listening to Colin Murray's show on Radio One the other day, which Featured Harry and th Potters. It is so funny, absoloute rubbish but still funny! Have a listen if you are a fan of the Potter books!

Harry and the Potters

Draco and the Malfoy's

Dobby and the House Elves

i have also discovered bands named The Hungrarian Horntails, The Credric Diggory's, Peeves and the Poltergeists, Ron and the Weasley's, Ginny and the Weasley's, The Whomping Willow, Huffle my Puff, Remus Lupins, Siriusly Black, The Hermione Crookshanks Experience, Wingardium Leviousa, Number 12 Grumauld Place and the list goes on and on. See Wizard Rock for more.

Who would imagine that there are people in the world who think to make this kind of 'music'!

i am living in a strange world at the moment where i dream of a book called Harry Potter and the Chilli Con Queso Burger and imagine in my sleep that there is a plate of Nacho's in my bed. i think i am spending far too much time in a certain mexican restaurant.


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