Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

Here's a few pages from the last week. Apologies for the photo of the 12x12 page but i have no idea how to scan and stitch parts together. The photo is er not very flattering of us shall i say, but i love it! Been playing around with my Elsie stuff from Modscraps kit. Man do i love Elsie's stuff right now, she is so super cool and inspiring!
i have such a laugh with these girls, we do stuff together, we get drunk, we bitch, we act silly (actually that's mostly me), and we've been through So much together. They are my girls and i am their's and i love them! Having done a season changed jobs lots and moved around a bit the last few years, i have so many friends accross the country who i love to bits and who i miss the company of, who i think of all the time and wish i could spend more time with. i know you probably think it's soppy of me to go on like this, but i've lived enough of life to know that it can be cut short at any time and i want you to know all this. i miss each and everyone of you so much right now!

Last week i was super excited to hear Sew My Name by Josh Pyke (my favourite of his songs) playing on the stereo when i was in Paperchase and on the same day my sister was watching Hollyoaks and Memories and Dust was played as the intro song! And when i was out on Tueday i saw posters advertising his album in the girls loo's of Walkabout! Josh Pyke is going to take over the world! Huurah!


Kate said...

I love popping into your blog although I don't think I've ever left a comment. Love the "new Glasses" LO and think I may have to rob that idea seeing as I just go new glasses too!!!!! Love yours BTW

Kate said...

Ok so I just realised that I did leave a commenton your blog before, when you finished your job, I left a comment to say I had done that same thing and now we both got new glasses. How weird is that????? LOL :-)

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