Friday, August 24, 2007


Meet Rawkis. Andy, Laura, Lloyd & Papa Rick. i did this photo shoot for them a few months back, & today there was a piece on them in the local paper promoting a charity gig they're doing next week. And they used one of my photos!! It's really teeny tiny, but it's there! i took about 450 photos on the day, a lot of them need some serious editing, which i don't have the time for. Laura wanted the shoot done on a little boat that had been shipwrecked, which is in town. The light was awful on the day, but i think the moody clouds give dramatic effect! It was hard getting an angle that cut out all the background noise. And kids kept getting in the way wanting to play on the shipwreck. And the tide was rapidly coming in. i took some single portraits, some of the whole band, some of just Andy & Laura, some of the instruments, some of the band with the instument....
It was fun but exhausting & very challenging, i'm glad i don't do it full time. Laura was a great model though, so easy to photograph. So, here's a few of my fav's, and the published picture is the first one. Check out the link above to see some more of the pictures i took.


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