Friday, September 28, 2007

Living Out Loud

There has been lame amounts of blogging in recent times. Sorry about that, but i'm a very busy lady. Next week should be better as the two job crazyness has ceased today.

Not long to go now before i leave & i'm panicking that i'm not ready, in quite a few senses. Lots & lots swirling around my mind of late. Lots & lots to sort & organise. Lot's & lot's of everything in general is happening and not happening. Not been in the mood for making stuff, but have been making more observations. Taking less photographs. Just sucking it all in.

Been feeling really different the last few weeks. Younger. Ok that i'm a free spirit who's been running a little wild for the last 4 years. More at ease with the fact that i have no career to speak of. Happy with the idea that i'm probably never going to grow up. More comfortable with the person that i am & who i will be.

Been trying to see & speak to people as much as possible & feeling grateful everyday for knowing the people i know.

And 2p machines make me feel happy. Especially when i've got someone fun to play them with!


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