Monday, October 01, 2007

6 weeks!

6 weeks! 6 weeks till i leave for Japan! ack!

The last 2 days i've been shopping. Saturday i mostly bought stuff i really didn't need & yesterday i bought stuff that i really did need! My backpack is sorted! Yay! Much happier now i've got it. i've tried on quite a few... Didn't want to get one too big cos i know i'll take too much stuff & wasn't happy about getting one with a daypack, but i think i'll be grateful that i did.
Spent some time in Old Portsmouth on Saturday. Loving the old phoneboxes, lamposts & brighly coloured houses. This photo was taken a few weeks ago in Fareham. LOVE old phoneboxes! They are so English.

Uber inspired by Steven Harrington who i discovered through Stranger magazine which i randomly picked up on Saturday. It's a very cool mag. Also inspired by my friend Matt, who is talented beyond belief & doesn't even realise it! He's heading off in the opposite direction of the world to me around the same time that i leave, but for real & for permanent! Not too happy about that!


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