Friday, October 05, 2007

Super happy!

This is me doing the super happy thing. i'm wearing the new top that Anna bought me. It's the coolest. And i have a double chin when i smile & i'm not afraid to post pictures of my double chin cos that's who i am. yep!

You know those moments that happen that you want to hold onto forever? The ones that you wish you could remember exactly how you felt when they happened? The ones that you want to remember again and again? i've had quite a few of those moments recently & they are making me super happy! But they are not for blogville, and they are probably not to be scrapped either, they will just stay in my memory. Yesterday Adam called me a 'sneaky hobbit thief of truth', which made me laugh out loud. It's probably the most brilliant phrase i've ever heard. i'm pretty honest & open about myself, but not everything has to be out there. So i will be a sneaky hobbit thief of truth when i want to be.

There has been no scrapping this week & i'm ok with that. No guilt. There has been tidying. And lots of internet surfing & itunes uploading.

i saw this film yesterday and this film tonight, which made me laugh my guts up. Anna & i were laughing when no one else was laughing, but we didn't care. i had a fab night with Anna & Lauren. Laughing makes me feel so good. i love spending time with my friends soooo much.

And tomorrow Adam & Amy are arriving. We will be doing touristy things & shopping for 70's outfits & dancing till the music stops. i haven't seen them since July but i know it will only feel like yesterday when they are here. They are doubling the number of people who live in this house. We will be fighting over the bathroom me thinks!

Is anyone else freaking out that it's October already?


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