Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting excited!

Foriegn currency makes me happy!! How cool are these notes?! i only have my Yen and some Aussie Dollars (pressie from Mum- thanks!) sorted, i don't want to be carrying a lot of cash on me so i'll be mostly withdrawing cash along the way.
This week has been good, i'm getting really excited about going, and i've got myself organised. So it's all starting to feel real! Just a few more things to get sorted this week and then i'm pretty much ready to go!
i handed in my notice yesterday! i really am going to miss sooo many people from work, loads. So many special people at the restaurant who make my days happy.
i've had lots of lovely messages after last weeks post. Thank-you so much! Things in my head are a lot less muddled now! And i'm feeling a lot more positive about the big step that i'm about to take. i really couldn't be doing it without the support of my family & friends. You are amazing.


Anonymous said...

happy travels!!!! WOW!!!!!!! what an adventure!!!

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