Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stardust, Air Traffic Pizza & The Pod.

i realised today that i haven't been blogging any of my usual stuff like cinema and music, it's all been about travel! Sooo...

Stardust. This film is amazing!! i loved it! i am so into fantasy films & this is a bit lovvey dovey too. One of my favourite films of the year.

Air traffic are my number one's at the moment. Love them. Although listening to them makes me do crazy things. Shooting Star is my favourite, because it's how i feel about him. Buy the album and let it make you do crazy things too. The artwork is also cool. And they are from Bournemouth, local boys. Awesome.

My ipod arrived Friday & i finally finished synching it, also managed to figure out how to get photos on it too, handy for when i'm away and want to see everyone's ugly faces. he he. In love with the pod.

i went to one of my fav restaurants and ordered my usual fav pizza, without even looking at the menu. Quattro Fromaggi. It's the best pizza EVER. The end. i was told by the food server that it was no longer on the menu! WTF!! i am devastated. i mean, i am actually in mourning. Write to Head Office and complain. For me. Do it! i cannot imagine a life without Quattro Fromaggi in it!


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