Monday, December 10, 2007

Crazy Days!

Oh man, i had a night of it on Friday!! i was woken up at 2.30am to find that my room was flooding - through the roof!! The fire alarm then went off which meant we all had to evacuate and stand outside in the middle of a storm. We then got back in at 4.30 but weren't allowed back in our room because of the damage. They tried to relocate me to another hostel, but as i had a bus pick-up at 6.30 i told them to jog-on. So i got my own properly air-conditioned single room!! Out of the god knows how many hundreds of rooms in the hostel, only 6 were flooded and my was the worst!! Typical! It was an experience anyway...

So i was pretty tired on Saturday and just lazed around the beach in Noosa.

Yesterday i went to Australia Zoo and have to say i was a bit disappointed. There's not a wide variety of animals and the show in the crocoseum was really camp! i held a little alligator though which was cool.

i am really missing scrapping today. Am writing in my journal loads and loads, taking pictures etc but it's just not the same!! i wanna scrap!

Am starting to feel the tinyest bit homesick...


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