Thursday, December 20, 2007

Noosa to Cairns!

So Noosa wasn't such a great hit with me, but the last 2 weeks i've been super busy doing some really amazing stuff. From Noosa i went to Harvey Bay where i took a trip to Fraser Island. We did a self drive tour for a couple of days, camped out under the most amazing stars i have ever seen and saw lots of shooting stars (which i wished on). We had to use the traditional Aussie Dunny and didn't get to wash for 3 days so i was feeling pretty minging but it's all part and parcel of the experience. We mostly spent the evenings playing drinking games and dodging dingos. i didn't enjoy the 4x4 driving at all, it scared the shit out of me! Lake Mkenzie was beautiful though and pretty much made the trip.

After Hervey Bay we took a trip to a place called Kroombit and stayed at a Cattle Station, where i had loads of fun. i rode a horse for the first time and mustered some goats. i lassoed a goat and rode a bucking bronco, well i came off it straight away, but i gave it a go!!

Then i stayed with my friend Mel in Airlie Beach was was luxury! My own bedroom, proper washing machine and home cooked food. Had a lovely time with Mel, her husband Jamie and dog Archie. Whilst i was there i went sailing in the Whitsundays, which was out of this world. So beautiful, and i also got to snorkle which was awesome! i had to wear a stinger suit as there are some really nasty jelly fish up here and i saw lots of them! i also went over to Hamilton Island where Mel works and explored a bit. It was like one giant amazing luxury holiday resort. They even use golf buggies to get around the island, which i thought was wicked!

Yesterday i stayed on Magnetic Island which i wasn't all that impressed with, and tonight i'm in Cairns. It's Christmas Eve Eve and it doesn't feel a bit like Christmas! It is so humid up here you wouldn't believe. You literally get out of the shower and want to get back in to cool down, you don't even have to move and you sweat buckets! Nice!

A lot of people from home have asked me what the decorations are like out here. They are similar to the ones at home, yes they do have snowflakes and snowmen, which i find strange. Most of the cities and towns have some form of xmas tree and they have a lot of banners wishing people Merry Christmas. People don't seem to decorate thier houses as much out here and they don't go so crazy with the lights, it's all quite tasteful and classy rather then the tack we egt in the UK!

The last few weeks i've had early mornings everyday, mostly getting up at 6am or earlier! And i've been moving on every day or two. So i'm looking forward to settling in, in Sydney for 10 days. i am spending Christmas day with my friend Andrew and then Nic and Jen arrive on Boxing Day. i am so excited to see them all!!

i hope you have a wonderful Christmas, whatever you are doing!


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