Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home is...

Where the ipod is! Seriously, while i was travelling i only had to listen to a certain song to be remind of a particular person or memory. Music means so much to me. And La Pod makes my train journeys a lot more bearable. Little known fact about moi: i have the word 'Dream' engraved on the back of my ipod. i also have it tattooed on my right arm in Thai! i have a real tattoo itch at the moment, not meaning that my tattoos are itchy but that i want to get another one done! i've come up with a few designs for the inside of my right wrist but can't decide. And Katie, stop panicking that i'm going to look like the amazing tatooed woman the next time you see me!

Wednesday was a day of crapness that i'd rather erase.

New serise of Shipwrecked started today! woo! Just what you need for a Sunday morning. Love it!

Most random dinner ever at Anna's today, jacket potatoe + cheese + peas + mini kieves = good! + i didn't have to wash up in the bathroom (we are re-doing kitchen which = total nightmare!).

Back to working in the attic tomorrow.


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