Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Post

It's no secret that i love to recieve mail, especially scrappy packages. i much prefer to shop-on line then irl, not only because it's usually cheaper but also because i just love getting post. i love getting home after work and finding a package! As much as i love e-mail, i do miss old fashioned letter writing. My long-distance friends will know that i like to send mail occasionally, usually a hand made card or something small, just to make them smile & let them know i'm thinking of them. But i can't remember the last time i recieved personal mail other then at birthdays or christmas, until today that is! i was totally baffled to receive a handwritten envelope and pretty much tore it in two desperate to find out who it was from. i can't believe i didn't recognise the writing! i received the sweetest note from a friend, it made me smile. i was so touched. And i know you read this from time to time so thank-you! thank you! thank-you! You made my day! i will treasure it always.

Now an urge to all of you! Send mail to someone you love, near or far to brighten their day! :)

The weather around these parts has been stunning of late. i am loving doing my journey to and from work in my flip-flops. i missed them so much in the short time we have been parted! This means that festival season is just around the corner. i haven't booked anything yet but there's a few i've got my eye on going to this year. So much good music around at the moment. My tastes are forever changing. Here's a little snippet of something i made tonight about the Isle of Wight Festival i went to last year. Most awesome weekend ever!


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