Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some books

Elsie's new book arrived today & i love love love it! i think it's possibly the first time i've managed to get something in the UK at the same time it was released in the U.S! Cost me the same in £££'s then it would in $$$ but no matter. i am super happy because i've been waiting months for this release. It's so colourful & fun. yay!

i'm also loving The Dares Book right now, getting huge massive inspo for page ideas. The Blog which inspired it can be found here.

Also reading America Unchained which i'm finding interesting because it was something that i tried to do where i could on my travels (although this certainly was not possible all the time). The author basically travels from the west to east coast of America trying not to spend a dime with any corporate companies. He tries to go the whole route only using independent retailers, for gas, food, hotels and everything. i'm only part way through so not sure yet if he succeeds. Can't wait to rent the DVD.

And i'm about 50 pages into The Secret. i believe that positive thinking and attitude can change your world. But the principle of this book is the law of attraction. i am relating to a lot of what the book says, but i'm not convinced that it's the answer to everything. But then i always, always have more questions.


Delaney Gates said...

Ooh! America Unchained... I've never heard of that! Must check it out! :)

Michelle said...

Ooh, cool stuffs! And I'm dying to get my hands on Elsie's book - it's hard to get it in Canada, too, but I managed online and it's in the mail as we speak...=)

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