Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The latest

So i went to two gigs last week & i really liked the warm up acts, so wanted to share. Pete & the Pirates and Royworld, you might have heard them on the radio recently singing this:

i loved the 80's synthesisers!! So cool. The boys in the group didn't like Royworld. Matt decided that the lead singer's clothes were 'natty'. Apparently this is a complementary word, but not. hmmm..

i have missed giging it sooooo much. Just bought more tickets for gigs at The Wedgewood Rooms. It's definately my favourite local venue.

Oh and i have a story of lovelyness to share...

There's a woman who gets off at my stop on the way home from work and every day her bloke is waiting for her at the station. They look so happy when they see each other and he always takes her bag from her and carries it. Today i was walking a little way behind them and despite listening to my ipod i could still hear that they were talking animatedly. They are sooo sweet. Stuff like this makes me happy, because after everything, i still want to believe in true love.

Working my way through Skins Series 2 at the mo... figgin love it!!!!

Missing Rasperry Fanta, Big Style. Why oh Why don't they make it in the UK?!?!?! WHY?!?!? grrrrrr!

Benefit goodness in the post. i'm building quite a collection now, someone needs to cure my addiction.

eating crumpets.

Enjoying some home time, but out for the next couple of nights and have plans for a Big Night Out at the weekend. Want to try and fit some scrapping in somewhere tho....

And i haven't printed any new photos for eons so i need to get on that! Obviously.


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