Sunday, June 08, 2008

Garden Scrapping

So i've been scrapping in the garden this weekend, because it is boootiful!

i am really loving using non-scrapbooking products at the moment, like straws and cardboard on my LO's, but also finding stuff to use to stamp and paint with. To create the circle's on this page i used a bottle top to stamp paint with.

Fun is a major priority at the moment, although i am finding it hard to say no to social invitations of any kind so am finding myself really busy and am so tired all the time! i think it might be time to slow things down a bit. These are good times.

And yes i really can be found doing this kind of crazy dancing, in public. Robot dancing is my fav right now. i am the model of coolness. ha ha! i pity my friends for having to put up with my embarassing behaviour.

You can hear the new Colplay Album in full for this week, on Myspace, before it's released! Good Stuff.

Free Benefit lipgloss with Glamour this month (available in 3 colours, and yes i got one of each, obviously). Worth £13! Go get em'!


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