Saturday, June 21, 2008

Painting in Pyjamas

i am ok. just super busy. tired. happy. and more busy.

Dvd nights are the new going out. The week before last i had 3 dvd nights with 3 different friends. i've started another dvd subscription as an attempt to try and stay in a bit more. i just can't keep up with the pace of my social life at the moment! i don't want to sound like i'm bragging that i'm popular, i'm just really bad at saying no to social invitations and i'm really good at suggesting meet ups with people, so i end up pretty busy. This week is the start of my new plan to become a hermit though.

i've been having the most fun with some of my most favourite people. i know some of the most amazing people ever, if you are one of them, know that i am grateful for your time & friendship! Wishing that i could see more of those of you who live far far away. (feeling really grateful for you all today).

No Scrapbooking of late, but there's been a new project...

Just a sneeky peek!

Which i am loving. Happiest when messy, that's me!

My blood tests came back normal. When i told my friend Phill he thought that i had taken tests to determin if i was 'normal' and suggested i should get them re-taken!

i recently started fat fighters again. i've gained way too much lately & was starting to get unhappy about it. Although i missed my first weigh in this week because...

i got free gig tickets to see The Zutons, Alphabeat and Royworld at the Indigo2 in London!!


It was being filmed for ITV2 & will be screened on July 2nd at 11pm. We were in the front row!! Which is a first for me, normally i can't be bothered with the crowds, but it wasn't so busy, and Londoners think they are too cool to look like they care about anything, so we just strolled on up the barriers. Don't expect to see us on telly though!

Just can't get enough of music at the moment.

The new Colplay album is making me super happy. It is different to their usual stuff, much more upbeat. Makes me want to dance and smile. One of my fav's:

i have a balloon in the first online balloon race. His name is Ciril Sneer(because he is a racoon gedit?) Check it out here. i'll post more details in a few days so you can help me along...

Me and my sis used to looooove this show!!

Btw, did you know you can rent CD's for a whole month for a mere 60p from your local library!! Good tip from my friend Matt.


Anonymous said...

The Racoons!! Loved them!! x

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