Sunday, July 20, 2008

My life for the last 2 weeks

Obsessivly watching Prison Break 3

Eating out 4 times (and the diet temporarily being put on hold)

Being comissioned for my art. i have been comissioned for photo shoots and scrapbooks before but never my art, so this was bewildering and exciting and challenging and i'm not sure i'll do it again because it was well scary. And ya, obviously i realise i didn't write this quote so it's not totally all my art.

Shipwrecked final

Saying good-bye to Paul

Mexican food & Chaos for Ben's birthday

3 films watched at the cinema: Hancock, Kung Fu Panda, Prince Caspian

Planning 2 fancy dress costumes

Happy Mail from Amazon, Studio Calico and Miss Contes.

Reading this and this

Wearing my free Danny Wallace T-shirt

Makey makey. Round up of 07.

Seeing Elliot Minor & The Days

Shopping with Nic

Being the most excited ever to discover Sukie Labels in Waterstones after lusting over them for months.


Kim Smith said...

cute lass!

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