Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Love

Tuesday was crazy glitteratti at Mystery Jets gig. We were full of cold but it was still awesome. There was crazy amounts of glitter, they could not be more 80's.

i have been gettting quite creative at work this week, doodling on the whiteboard and making paper chains (in my lunch break of course). It has been noticed. i'm wondering how long i will be able to sustain an office job for, before i get insanely bored again. And i actually really like my job. One of my goals for next year is to take an art class. i'm undecided between printmaking and Art & Design. Thoughts?

i had a package from Miss Elsie. Yesterday i spent an entire evening making this. i was having one of those madcap creative flows where all the ideas and the products seemed to come together perfectly. i love those times! It's very refreshing to make a book without the pressure of finding photos to match what you want to say. See the whole album here.

i think it is one of my favourite mini's evvvvver. i have been taking a lot more notice of this season this year, mostly because my eyes have been opened up to it. There was so much going on in my world this time last year that i never even noticed the colour of the trees or the sharp drop in temperature, i was too busy looking forward to my winter of summer. i have been really enjoying observing the change in seasons, and although i miss my flip-flops and i really hate being cold, i am learning to love autumn.

And i did some x-stitch. Which i haven't done in SO long. i used to do this ALL the time, before scrapbooking came into my life and took over.

i would love to blog tomorrow, but there is really no chance that is going to happen, and considering most of you will not be reading this til then anyways...

* i want to take the time to remember my Grand-dad (he has been on my mind much more than usual lately, i wonder what he would make of the last year)

* i want to wish Katty B a most fabulous birthday (love you, girl)

* i want to wish everyone a happy halloweeney!!


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