Monday, October 27, 2008

Always behind the camera

So i've been sorting through a lot of old photos & scanning away, i made mum dig some out of the garage (i know, how dare she keep them somewhere so unsafe :o !!). i haven't even seen some of them before, so i was super excited going through them yesterday. i mean SUPER excited, i LOVE old photos. Not just looking at them, remembering what my childhood was like, but the feel of the grain and the smell and the colours. They are just SO cool. M, i can't wait til you are down next and we can go through them together :) i even found one of me with all four of my grandparents, which i'm sure is the only one in existence, so precious. i am really lucky that my dad was into photography when we were kids (and he was pretty good too). There are tons of us as babies and toddlers, and then as he started to go away on business more, there are fewer. i am finding it tough to find many of me as a teenager. i took quite a lot in my last year of school, after i got my own camera, but there are none of me on my own (except the standard yucky school portrait)! i still never take enough pictures, even on my RTW trip this year i didn't get enough of me. It is evident from some of the photos that i've come across that i have always loved to be behind the camera.

i am getting in a really halloweeney mood. i'm nearly finished my costume (with a lot of help from mum on the sewing front). i am sooooo excited for Friday, it's been a while since i've really been out, and actually looked forward to it. Excited about dressing up, catching up with some people i haven't seen for a while, the tunes at Chaos and the general drunkeness. i just know it's going to be good.

Some bands getting me in the mood:

Does it offend you, yeah? p.s you should read their wikipedia entry, it's mildly amusing

i hate to wish my life away, but Friday can not be here soon enough. For reals.


Anonymous said...

OMG that picture of you is sooooooo cute!!! I cant wait to go through all the photos with you on Sunday! Good times!! I am very jealous that you have a picture of yourself with all the grandparents! Cant wait to see it! xxx

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