Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making stuff...

OK people, since when did Hobby Craft become cool? Me & She Who Must Not Be Named arranged to meet there to get some fabric for our Halloween costumes (the fact that she is willing to do fancy dress at all, let alone make it herself is highly unusual). Anywho, of course i had to have a looksie at the scrabooking stuff, because usually they do have some Making Memories bits. But now they have a whole aisle dedicated to Scrapbooking and are carrying American Crafts (including thickers!) and Amy Butler!! i have been trying to get my hands on Amy Butler stuff for at least 18 months now and all of a sudden it's showing up in my local craft store. Some thing wierd is going down. Are people beginning to take Scrapbooking seriously in this country?!

So of course i ended up leaving with not just the halloween fabric, but a few bits and pieces including Amy Butler papers (if her fabric ever shows up in this country i may actually faint, because that is even impossible to get in the US, or so i'm told) and a new MM album (in 8 1/2 x 11, can you believe it?!?! And for £12.99, a steal!) which i've used to house my Barcelona layouts, which i've been storing for 2 years now.

This week it seems my creative cycle has gone full circle and i've been feeling the need to make stuff again, i even did a layout mid-week, which is really rare these days. i think it has actually been a whole month since i scrapped anything (i really have no idea where the last month went!). The ideas are buzzing & i am writing lots.

Around this time of year i always start getting a bit reflective and ponder on what i've done in the past year, what i've learnt and what i want to achieve in the next, so this tends to come out in my work.

i've had a low-key weekend after a few manic weeks and spent the entire day in my pj's watching SATC and making stuff. i am not feeling the need to be out partying every weekend like i was during the summer, which i guess is another one of those cycles i go through. i'm sure i'll be out and about a lot during the run up to Christmas though.

i've got mum to dig out more old photos, so i am looking forward to sorting through those this evening, maybe a bath and more films. i am so loving this season!


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