Friday, October 03, 2008

Hello October

After a shakey end to September, October is looking much brighter. There are a few exciting things coming up this month, mainly in the music department, but hopefully catching up with some people and of course halloween!

i just wanted to share Josh Pyke's latest video. Which in his usual style is beautiful and artistic. i still can't believe i got to meet this man! He has a new album out this month, as do Keane (check out the website to hear it in full from Monday!), Jeremy Larson and Snow Patrol. Yay for new stuff from my favourites!

i'm still maintaining my hermit status, other then a trip up to Winchester yesterday to see some old colleagues. My summer in Winchester will always be a time i remember as magical. i am already starting to feel like it was a long time ago and forgetting all the details. And i know it's something that will never be re-created, because we have all moved on. i am still missing Gareth like a missing limb so i was super happy to see him. Although we regularly e-mail and chat on the phone it's not the same. i am counting down the days til Vic moves to our office cos i miss her bad too. And i had a chat with Lynchy today (who is way too far away in Scotland). It's an ongoing joke that i live in a castle and he was telling me all the stories he's told his girls about me. They seem to think that i am some rupunzle type. When they asked him if i wore a tiara he told them that i wore a crown and that it was green (because that's my favourite colour). i am now dreading the day i get to meet them because their dreams will be shattered. And i find it totally crazy that people pay enough attention to me to notice things like my favourite colour.

Despite missing my old buddies, i am very happy in my new job and i am becoming incredibly fond of some of the new people i am working with, one in particular who has me smiling from ear to ear.

*In other news*

i finally reached a total loss of 1 stone!

i watched the entire series of Gavin and Stacey in one night and loved it

i am re-reading the Twilight series

Thanks to a tip-off from my friend Matt-from-home, i have changed my facebook settings so that it now appears in Pirate language! Legendary!!


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