Friday, October 10, 2008

You don't see me

Tuesday was ELBOW gig. Who were magnificent! The guy infront of us who almost elbowed me in the eye, THREE times was not! So obviously Elbow's music is magical (One day like this must surely be the most beautiful song of the year), but there was also a lot of banter to be had with the crowd, which always makes a gig so much more fun. Plus instead of clapping for an encore, we had to sing them a song. Can you guess what we had to sing?

Very excited for Keane's new album on Monday. Listen to it here (clearly Bowie/Queen inspired) and their Live Lounge from this week here. Remix of Calvin Harris/Dizzee Rascal & Queen = genius!!

Last night was spent with Vic & Brett eating pub grub and laughing. Always laughing in that girls presence.

Mostly at the moment i am loving my walks around the castle. Because the leaves are beautiful. Because sometimes i need to take pictures and sometimes i don't. Because i need time to clear my head in the crisp air. It is my favourite castle in the whole world. i am still in awe that something so old is so near.

i have been storing my camera in my lush basket and it smells delish. Taking pictures looking down is my new fav thing. i have had my ipod on shuffle (a very rare thing for me to do) for the last few days and it is spewing the most awesome songs ever.

Baths are good.

i am wearing tights almost daily now.

i have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. i am going out for the first time in a while & this makes me anxious. i am becoming unfamiliar with being in a group of people, i am becoming untrusting of myself in that situation. i am also worried that some wounds which have been healing, may be ripped open again. i am up and down on the constant, which i have been trying to hide quite unconvincingly for some time now. Lots of things are making me want to run away. again. i am trying so hard to keep rooted.


Brogan Pratt said...

first of all i want to say that keane is awesome. thanks for telling me that they have a new album. awesome. and secondly, i really cant stand lush. no offence but whenever i walk into that store, i am flushed with giant smells and its too much for my nose to handle. and dont run away. thats just a bad idea. just go out and have some fun., let loose and try not to let things get to you. it really helps turust me, i used to be up tight, but now that ive learned to relax, i feel a lot better. let loose. oh yeah, and having a good posture/walking tall really helps the confidence. hope that helps ya.

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