Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh My!

i had an Oh My! moment today. i was sooooo embarassed & so completely filled with joy at the same time. :) ha ha!

Anyway moving on....

i've been taking the Elsie*Cake class these last few weeks & love, love, love it! Here's a little journal i painted which inspired by the class. i'm undecided yet if i will share the pages from inside.

Last week was much of a muchness. i am somewhat obsessed with Heroes & Gossip Girl at the moment & painting my nails while i watch them. i had happy mail in the form of Red Velvet Kit and a cuuuuute hat from Silji! She rocks the knitting. If there is one craft that i will never master it is knitting. My nan tried to teach me as a kid & gave up, it is never going to happen! i get in such a pickle.

Friday i got my hair coloured & cut. i also had it straightened for the first time in a long time. i like to mix it up & look completely different every once in a while even if it does totally freak my friends & family out!

Saturday Anna & i just hung out watching dvd's alllllll day & had a little excursion to The Range. It was so nice to have no plans! i journalled & did some embroidery & not much else.

Sunday i took Shimelle's Everyone has a Story Class. i have been so excited for this (and to meet Shimelle)! i really loved gathering all the photos that we had to get for our 'homework' and i actually answered a lot of the questions we had too. i've got a little book just for this project (my other journals can get a bit random & jumbly so i thought it might be a good idea for this project to have it's own place). It's pretty crazy the number of memories that you can summon if you sit and think about it.

i managed to get 12 pages completed on the day & thanks to all the photo planning & journalling i have tons more ideas. OMG the stash we had was soooooo yummy! i have everything in a box together, so there really is no excuse for not getting on with this album!!

Someone at the class told me that i had really nice 'scrapbooking' handwriting. i thought this was kind of funny, because this is just how i write! i did not design my handwriting to look pretty for my pages, to me it looks a bit of a mess!

Yesterday i had the day off work, it was so nice! i've was working on a few handmade gifts for xmas presents & met sweet Cassie & Annananna for drinks at lunch (hot chocolate, yum!). It's nice when i can work on the dining table & watch crazy film's while i scrap. Yesterday i was watching Help!. i love The Beatles so! i have actually been scrapbooking quite a lot lately, so i will try and share some more this week! It's a bit tricky taking pictures without decent light though.

Have a good one!


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