Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One year ago today....

i set out on my biggest adventure yet. It was one of the most amazing eperiences i've ever had, or probably ever will. It already seems like such a long time ago. i still can't believe that i've been to so many amazing places. i miss the spontinaity of the life, meeting new people and having new experiences every day, oh the adventures i had! i especially miss the warmth and the sunshine. i miss my freckles. i miss living in t-shirts and flip-flops and wearing my bone-knecklace 24/7. i had to take my anklet from Phuket off last week because i wear tights and boots almost daily now! :(

i have a tattoo on my arm which is a daily reminder to me that if i can dream it, i can achive it! i dreamt of doing this trip for years and years and it took me a long time to save the money, to plan everything out and for the timing to be right for me to go. If you have dreams, big or small. Do not give up! Even when the going is tough, find the strength to keep believing! It will be so worth it.

People often ask me if i will ever undertake a trip like this again. i think the people who are closet to me are convinced that i will. They know my free spirited ways & the adventurous needs that burn in me. There are of course so many places i still need to see. i still have big dreams of going places. But truth be told, i am quite happy living a settled life for a while. i am most me when surrounded by the people i love. i cannot see myself giving up my fabulous life for a good while. But i'd never say never. i think it will all come down to circumstance. At the moment i a very focused on sorting my finances and getting my own space, something i have had to sacrifice in order to 'live the dream'. But for now, i don't feel like i need to run away.

Here's a few of my favourite pictures from the trip. Take pictures, always take pictures! Looking back on them will make you smile and make your heart happy!


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